Voter Registration

All U.S. citizens should be able to easily participate in the democratic process and, for our part, we will focus on voter registration drives targeting youth and minorities, those largely disenfranchised.
The Voting Rights Act, the bill to ensure the right to vote, was a historic victory that came out of the Civil Rights Movement. On its way to being passed, some lost their lives simply trying to register Black voters. Black residents were beaten, fired from jobs & imprisoned trying to vote. As election fraud started, more and more legislators were using it as a reason to look for a way to do away with the Voting Rights Act. By 2012, 11 states were passing new voter-ID laws, but they were temporarily suspended because of the Section 5 protection of the Voting Rights Act.
In 2013, the Supreme Court reversed a section of the Voting Rights Act, resulting in some state legislators advancing more restrictive voting laws to disenfranchise voters.

Revisions included:

  • cutting back early voting,
  • removing voting drives,
  • ending same-day registration
  • invalidating student IDs for voting
North Carolina State Senator Bob Rucho said at the time, “when the people start losing confidence in their government, and the electoral process, then something needs to be done to restore it.” Instead of restoring confidence in our government, these new state restrictions alienate more citizens and keep them out of the political process.

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