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The Birth of G-Mama & G-Daddy N
of long ago, God looked down upon the Earth and discovered that the ‘ elders didn’t look so elderly anymore. As a matter of fact, there was an entire generation of people who were grandparents, but they weren’t retired, living off social security, or being associated with the infamous blue parking sticker for handicapped persons. These grandparents still had most of their own teeth! God was shocked because for years and years, grandparents on earth always looked wrinkled, smelled like Geritol, and were portrayed as weak, feeble, slow, forgetful and just plain old.
These new grandparents were leading full lives. Some of them had gone back to school, while others were running marathons, skiing, teaching and running Fortune 500 companies. These new grandparents were forcing evolution to recognize them, despite the fact that they didn’t fit the grandparent mode. So what if their children made grandparents out of them, they were refusing ancient titles such as, Grandma and Grandpa . Those names were outdated and didn’t fit their younger, more active souls. So, God decided to give them a new and improved name. . And that’s when the answer came. God inhaled and in one breath announced that the new and improved grandparent would be called, “G-Mama” and ‘G-Daddy!” When God saw the people liked it, God deemed it “all good.”

Camika Spencer