Breakfast w/ Senator Sanders in Philadelphia!

Breakfast w/ Senator Sanders in Philadelphia!

During a breakfast gathering in Philadelphia, Bernie Sanders addressed some of the most important challenges that the big city currently faces. “In a disagreement with rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders also spoke out against a proposal by Philadelphia’s mayor to slap a regressive tax onto soft drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks and teas.” He concluded his stance by saying “I do have a serious disagreement with how you fund this. You don’t have to fund child care on the backs of the poorest people in this city. That is a regressive way to raise funds.”

Sanders historically has stood by his universally inclusive ideas on creating a sustainable economy and a just as important educational system. He expounded on his plans for tuition-free public colleges and universities saying – “I want every child in this city and this country, regardless of his or her income, to know that they will be able to get a college degree.”

It’s hard not to appreciate Sanders’ progressive views on what our societal norms should actually look like. Because of his radical vision of a better tomorrow, Senator Sanders has become an inspiration and a beacon of hope for many Americans in such a timely phase in history, and for that we are humbly grateful.

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June 14th, 2016

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